Sunday, July 16, 2017

Coldplay's Kaleidoscope EP

I miss the British EP and/or single. It was a glorious format for several decades. You'd get a track that was maybe from an album, forthcoming or current release. Maybe not. And then you'd get anywhere from 2-4 tracks that weren't available anywhere else. It was like a secret treasure between you and the band. But the advent of digital downloading more or less did away with this format. Now it's just a single track to download and rarely an EP or single.

Thankfully, London's Coldplay has resurrected this format with their fab new EP, Kaleidoscope. Containing only 5 tracks, Kaleidoscope represents several points in Coldplay's career. The first track, "All I Can Think About Is You," reminds a me a lot of X & Y era Coldplay. I haven't been as excited about their newer staff so it's nice to seem the return to form. The second track is a cousin to the song "Miracles" from 2015's A Head Full of Dreams. It's more reminiscent of their newer stuff, complete with guest rap artist. It's a strong track but not as good as the first. "ALIENS" is up next and we dive back to early 2000s Coldplay. This is without a doubt my favorite track on the EP.  It glides effortlessly.

The EP finishes up with a live track, "Something Just Like This" (classic Coldplay anthem...sinalong and lighted smart phones aloft) and "Hypnotised" (Brian Eno produced lushness). I downloaded a digital copy but I plan on buying this amazing EP when it comes out as a physical copy on 4 August. Check it out!

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