Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Modfather Finds Meaning: Paul Weller, True Meanings

Paul Weller is now in his fifth decade of making music and shows no signs of letting up. His solo career, now over 25 years, has seen a variety of musical explorations that have truly shown his growth mindset.

His fourteenth studio album, True Meanings, dropped last month and has been in regular rotation in my house, my car, and especially my iPhone. This time around, he's offering up 14 tracks of lush acoustical, orchestration that bring new meaning to the word beauty. Most of the tracks start off simply enough with his voice and guitar. Then they build up to majestic heights and we are left wondering if the next track will be just as good. Invariably, it's better.

Here's a great example...

And this is just the fifth track!

There is some Style Council heard here but mostly it's the Modfather reveling in his middle aged musical authority and wisdom. The second to last track, "May Love Travel With You," is autobiographical to me in many ways. Weller's music has brought me an amazing amount of love and joy in my life for over forty years. As he continues to break new ground and try new paths of aural exploration, I'll be right there with him.

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