Saturday, August 24, 2019

Frank Turner Releases His Second Masterpiece (And Gets Me Too'd by Intorlerant Assholes For It)

Most of the time when Frank Turner makes a new record, I'm like "Meh." I get them all, of course, because I have to maintain my Brit street cred but I invariably think they are just alright. The exception, of course, is the 2011 release England Keep My Bones which is a fucking masterpiece.

His latest release is No Man's Land and it's easily as good if not better than Bones. I put in on the other day when I went out for a jog and was completely overwhelmed by it. The music was far more interesting than his last few records. Each song told very haunting and moving stories, the most compelling of which is "Silent Key." I'm not going to spoil what it's about because the listener will get a better experience going in cold. 

When I got done with my run, I went home to check out what NME and other reviewers had said. Lo and behold, I found Will Richards scathing review and sadly shook my head. I honestly had no idea that Turner was trying to lift up unheard female voices with this record although the title should have given me a clue. I just really liked it a lot.

But I guess now I'm not supposed to like it because apparently talented men aren't supposed to make music about heroic women anymore. Turner made the mistake of trying to explain himself which you NEVER EVER do with this very small but very loud faction within the Me Too Movement. They are massively intolerant, almost to the point of totalitarianism, and feed on men trying to be earnest. These intolerants play internet troll games to go for the social media "win," whatever the fuck that is worth. 

I could really care less what a very small percentage of fake woke people think on the interwebs. No Man's Land is Frank Turner's second masterpiece. Go buy it. 

Here is "Silent Key."

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