Monday, July 20, 2020

The Jayhawks: XOXO (Album of the Week)

My hometown of Minneapolis has one of the best bands in the world. They have been making incredible music for over 35 years. Every Christmas season they do a show in the Main Room when they come home to visit with family and it sells out, invariably forcing a second show.

The Jayhawks are a Minnesota treasure.

And, honestly, they are second only to Prince in terms of local music legends.

Their latest release, XOXO, continues the high standard set by their recent output. Louris, Grothberg, Perlman, and the lads have refused to give up on exploring new musical horizons and territories. I continue to be as amazed as I was when I bought their first record back in 1986 at the record store in the basement of Coffman Union.

Here is my favorite track from the album. So perfect for hometown heroes...


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