Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Top 25 Albums of 2020

Here are the best 25 albums of 2020. You must have these amazing creations in your collection immediately. Don't delay! 

25. Between You and Me by San Cisco

The musical growth of this band continues to astound me. They will be a treasure in my heart forever.


24. Letter To You by Bruce Springsteen

The Boss is back and he is not fucking around with this one. Always the optimist in darkness. 


23. 10 Songs by Travis

All of us experienced mental health issues this year. Travis is the perfect salve for this. So so glad they released a record this year!


22. On Sunset by Paul Weller

The Modfather continues to dazzle all of us with his wide and varied musical directions. Soak up that California sun!


21. It's Only Us by Monophonics

I tried to find one track on this record that I could put in my Top Tracks of 2020 but I couldn't. Why? Because the whole record is that good!


20. The Makarrata Project by Midnight Oil

A very much welcome return to the music scene from this Sydney band. A great project that highlights the struggles of native peoples everywhere.


19. Sanctuary by Gengahr

Soaring melodies and dreamy mindscapes are what this record is all about. One of the best new bands to come from Britain in this decade.


18. The True Story of Bananagun by Banangun 

A stunning debut from this Aussie outfit. Happy and fun music with several dashes of psychedelia mixed in for extra trippiness.


17. American Head by The Flaming Lips

Another instant classic that sends the mind on many inner journeys. I love watching the light bugs glow...

16. The Glow by DMAs

A full-on embrace and torch carry of Brit Rock has suited this Sydney band quite well. This one is very Stone Roses-y. How many awesome bands are coming out of Australia these days? Many!


15. Death of the Party by Magic Gang

So amped about this Brighton band bursting on to the scene in the last couple of years. Their sophomore effort is simply stunning.


14. Shore by Fleet Foxes

What is it about this band that creates such a unique place in my soul? They both caress and murder my heart at the same time.


13. Foolish Loving Spaces by Blossoms

The third record from these Mancunians sees them pursuing a more pop-based sound and it's bloody mags.


12. XOXO by The Jayhawks 

Ah, my local band that continues to make stellar music. All things Minnesotan...

11. Lianne Le Havas by Lianne Le Havas

It has been too long since Lianne's last record but this release made it well worth the wait. Just gorgeous...


10. Pwr/Up by ACDC What else can I say? It's a fucking ACDC record.


9. Wachito Rico by Boy Pablo

Swedish hipster turns out amazing debut loaded with fun pop and cool lo-fi vibes.


8. Wake Up by Hazel English

Ah, Hazel...Hazel...Hazel...your music is so beautiful and it breaks my heart in the most wonderful of ways. Your spirit time is 1962 and your style is DREAM.


7. Italian Ice by Nicole Atkins

Nostalgia on overdrive with this one. Is that an AM radio I'm listening to? Regardless, it's gold.


6. CTV3: Cool Tape Volume 3 by Jaden

Someone has been listening to The Beatles. And that someone is fucking awesome. Haters, go peddle your nonsense somewhere else. This is a tremendous record.


5. I Slept On The Floor by Another Sky 

This is the British band I'm most excited about this year. London (and the world) will never be the same. Like the others before them, they have taken the sword from the Lady in the Lake...

4. Junk Food by Easy Life

This record made me feel light-hearted at several points this year and I really needed it. I totally heart how the youth of today look at love.


3. Rtj4 by Run The Jewels

This dynamic duo is incapable of making a bad record. In fact, all they can do is make ridiculously awesome albums. The most relevant statement of the year and it couldn't have come at a better time.


2. Hate For Sale by The Pretenders

This hall of fame band of my youth kicked some serious ass this year. But, hey, that's what Chrissie does. She's been kicking my ass for forty years.


1. The Universal Want by Doves 

With each release, Doves set the landscape for our lives. It's usually dark but hopeful. It's always gorgeous and satisfying but it's not an easy ride. They've only made five records and two solo offerings but it's always enough. 

The Universal Want builds upon that legacy. It's an honor to call it The Best Album of 2020. 

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