Monday, April 15, 2024

San Cisco: Under The Light (Album of the Week)

San Cisco may hail from Freemantle in Western Australia but they will always be a hometown band for me and my family. They have played in Minneapolis no less than seven times! In fact, before the 2015 gig at the Triple Rock, my daughter and I met Jordi outside and took this great photo (left). He was incredibly gracious and fun!

Their latest record is called Under The Light and it's their strongest outing since Gracetown. Their uncanny ability at creating perfect pop songs is at an all time high on this album. All eleven tracks are sheer brilliance in the genre and are, quite frankly, shovel to the head stunning. OMG-the pop hooks!

Here is a great example.

Talk about a direct descendant of Brian Wilson! It's also great to hear Scarlett more present on the vocal tracks. 

San Cisco has always been a summer band for me. Their music is filled with warmth (sometimes even heat!) and love. I can't wait to play this track over the summer months...

This record will be in the running for my Album Of The Summer and is clearly one of the best of 2024 so far. 

Go get it! 

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