Saturday, June 15, 2019

San Cisco: Live at the Cedar Cultural Center

I've enjoyed the Freemantle Australian band, San Cisco, for the better part of a decade. From the first EP (Golden Revolver) to their latest full length (The Water), their brand of indie pop is massively infectious. More importantly, they've shown earnest growth in their career, always exploring new musical horizons.

This was on display last night at the Cedar Cultural Center. Their 70-minute set was truly enjoyable from start to finish. They wound their way through chestnuts from their entire catalog with some amazing new songs sprinkled in the mix.

The stand out of the night was one of these new songs. As he introduced "Skin," lead singer and guitarist Jordi Davieson said they were "scared shitless" to play it. I have no idea why they felt this way because the song was fucking mega and they played it flawlessly. In fact, every song was in top-notch form, the vocals and instruments blending perfectly together and sounding incredibly well mixed.

They have a few more shows to play in North America. Go and see them! You will not be disappointed.

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