Monday, June 8, 2020

Nicole Atkins: Italian Ice (Album of the Week and Album of the Summer)

At various times in my daily life, my thoughts turn melancholy and overwhelmingly nostalgic for those halcyon days of listening to my crappy old AM Realistic Radio. It was 1978 when I got my first clock radio that was primarily used to wake me up for school. My mom was tired of me oversleeping so it made sense in practical terms.

But what I didn't expect was that little piece of junk was going to open me up to a world of music and set my mind, heart, and soul forever on the path of artistic righteousness. WLS was my church when I woke up, hung out with my friends in my room, and before I went to bed. My favorite artists today give me those same feelings that I had back in those amazing days of discovery of all the great bands from that time period.

New Jersey's own Nicole Atkins' latest release, Italian Ice, brings me right back to that 1978 bedroom in such an overwhelming fashion that I can barely cope with the waves of sentimentalism. Seriously, this record is shovel to the head stunning. The musical styles range from late '70s,/early 80's pop to soul music to an amalgam of Brill Building chic and psych-pop. It all mixes together in the most wonderful of ways.

Folks, this is your album of the Summer of 2020. Go outside, let the warm rays of sunshine wash over you, and listen to AM Gold warrior, Nicole Atkins!

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