Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Tears For Fears: The Tipping Point (Album of the Summer)

Tears For Fears has always meant SUMMER for me. My heart grows immediately warm when I hear their music because it reminds me of so many summers in my 80s youth. Watching their videos on MTV or hearing their latest hit (and there were SO many) on the radio, the band just sounds better in the summer!

So, it's only natural that their latest record, The Tipping Point, is my choice for the soundtrack to your summer. The title track alone, which I highlighted when I made the record my Album of the Week last March, oozes summer wind and chlorine-smelling pools.

The last track, though, is just perfect for that late-night drive home from a summer date. The wind blowing...maybe by the beach somewhere...or even in a city with all the lights...mmm...

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