Friday, December 22, 2023


Who made the best albums this year? Look no further than this list...

23. Soft Landing by Art School Girlfriend

I love journey albums. You put it on and you just go...

That's what happens when you listen to Art School Girlfriend's Soft Landing. The London outfit is a guaranteed shoe gaze ticket to the cosmos.


22. Bunny by Beach Fossils

The terribly fun pop music and jangly guitars of Bunny by Beach Fossils were a summer staple in our house this past year. All the feels...

21. One Man Band by Miles Kane

God like genius Miles Kane released yet another out of this world album. One Man Band is Brit Rock at its finest!

20. The Devil Always Collects by Brian Setzer

The Rockabilly King returns with a roaring collection of jumpin' tunes. Bop cat bop!

19. This Is Why by Paramore

The band that has launched indie music into universal appeal released their finest offering yet this year. A completely stunning achievement that tears down any remaining walls between alternative music and mass appeal

18. Exotico by Temples

The future of psychedelic pop is fine hands with Kettering's own Temples. A cosmic journey awaits anyone who chooses to play this record from start to finish.


17. Exorcism of Youth by The View 

The multi-layerdd pop of Dundee's own The View clocks in at number seventeen this year with a very fine record about the trials and tribulations of being young at heart while growing old.


16. The Land Is Inhospitable And So Are We by Mitski

Gem of the universe Mitski released an absolute corker of a record this year with one of the best opening tracks of all time (see below). Her music speaks to and of all peoples of our fair planet. 

15. Sunbursting EP by Bibio.

West Midlands folk should be proud that their lad Bibio makes such fantastic pop music. His latest clocks in at number fifteen this year. What a psychedelic treat!

14. Wait Til I Get Over by Durand Jones

The incomparable Durand Jones released a solo record this year which pushed the boundaries of soul music while expressing the deep pain of social justice challenges. He is our modern day Ray Charles! 


13. Gasms by Smokey Robinson

Soul icon Smokey Robinson released a gorgeous record this year that spoke directly to his roots as a musician and artist. I close my eyes when I listen to it and feel like it's 1968 again. Soul=Love. 


12. How Many Dreams? by DMA's

It's quite heart warming to see the Brit Rock style spread around the world. Sydney, Australia natives DMA's are carrying the torch of this fab music with their latest offering.


11. Council Skies by Noel Gallagher

Noel puts out his darkest and yet most uplifting album to date. It's nice to know that we all are together in experiencing the sadder aspects of life. I commend his dedication to being so serious about it all.

10. Uncertain Joys by The Subways

I've enjoyed this record all year as it came out in January. Clearly, one of the best power trios of all time and with a spanking new drummer!

9. Audiolust & Higher Love by Sg Lewis

Reading's club/dance king released yet another leg twitcher this year guaranteed to make you shake it. Live that VIP, limited edition lifestyle!

8. Come Around and Love Me by Jalen Ngonda

Let me take you back to the early 1970's...except it's not that time's this year...and a beautiful soul record that sounds like that era was released by this wonderful artist.

7. Fuse by Everything But The Girl

One of the great musical power couples are back with yet another magical album. It's well worth the twenty four year wait. Her voice is so beautiful it makes me cry...


6. The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons by The Hives

The world's greatest party band returns with a vengeance and smashes the world once again like Hulk's fist.


5. Sundown by Eddie Chacon

He's a self proclaimed low key R&B legend and his latest record is simply amazing. This record will change you and a loved one that you hopefully have close by...

4. Retas by Voice of Baceprot

The first full length from the ladies from West Java is a massively devastating first volley. The future of metal is bright indeed!

3. But Here We Are The Foo Fighters

Dave and the lads return with their most personal album to date. Given their recent loss, it makes sense that this one would hit us all straight in the soul. I played it all summer and it was the perfect soundtrack for that sun soaked time.


2. Hackney Diamonds by The Rolling Stones

What the actual fuck, Rolling Stones? You dudes are in your 80s and you make one of the best albums in your sixty year catalog? Hats off to you, mates. I hear you already have another one in the can. Can't hardly wait!

1. Bewitched by Laufey

The album of the year goes to Laufey, the bedroom jazz chanteuse from Iceland, who has truly dazzled and mesmerized me since bursting on the scene a year and a half ago. Like me, she is a dreamer who enchants us all into her world of blissful romance.

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