Thursday, October 20, 2016

Autumn Music Series: Snow Patrol and Tired Pony

Dundee, Scotland's Snow Patrol is close to perfection in terms of being an autumn band. Heck, they are just about the perfect band without that qualifier! Their songs radiate romance by the fire with a nice Pinot Noir and a snuggly, loved one nestled in your arms.

Their entire catalog is a must as is front man Gary Lightbody's side project, Tired Pony. If you are putting together a fall play list for a long walk on a leaf swept trail, here are some essential tracks, in no particular order, from this artist.

1. "Crack the Shutters" (taken from A Hundred Million Suns)

A track that manages to be both romantic and stadium sing along at the same time. The lyrics are amazing and, honestly, the whole track is shovel to the head stunning.

2. "Northwestern Skies" (taken from The Place We Ran From)

Gary Lightbody got lost in 2010 in the northwest part of the United States and somehow found Peter Buck and Zooey Deschanel, of all folks, and made this incredible record under the name Tired Pony. This is the opening track and the echo...the lyrics...just the whole harvest time...

3. "If There's A Rocket, Tie Me To It" (taken from A Hundred Million Suns)

This one reminds me a lot of U2. I've played it many times while driving through Wisconsin in October and November.

4. "Batten Down The Hatch" (taken from When It's All Over, We Still Have To Clear Up)

This quiet little number showcases Lighbody's soft and mega romantic voice. Perfect for a fire at home or at the cabin.

5. "All Things At Once" (taken from The Ghost of the Mountain)

This track is from Tired Pony's second release and it's a fucking corker. We have the requisite echo-y voices, of course, but we also have...pedal steel! That instrument really makes a good autumn track.

6. "I Am A Landslide" (taken from The Place We Ran From)

This song just makes me's so fucking good. I can't decide if I'd want this track or "Fiesta" by the Pogues played at my funeral. Most people that know me well, consider me a landslide:) Iain Archer demolishes the lead vocal.

7. "Get On The Road"  (taken from The Place We Ran From).

A duet between Gary and Zooey...simply gorgeous. This has possibly the greatest verse of all time....

Kiss like a fight that neither wins 
One tender payment for our sins 
You are the drug that I can't quit 
Your perfect chaos is a perfect fit

Reminds me of someone...:)

8. "Grazed Knees" (taken from Final Straw)

A lilting, soft number that reminds of the very end of autumn...late November perhaps...

9. "Lifeboats" (taken from A Hundred Million Suns)

This track has a nice and very echo-y acoustic guitar. Great build to the chorus. I like the message as well.

10. "Make This Go On Forever" (taken from Eyes Open)

Both anthemic and pleading at the same time. I had someone apologize to me once singing this song. It was quite humbling...

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