Thursday, October 27, 2016

Barry Gibb? Really?

When the 1970s ended, I was very happy. I loved punk, glam rock and some of the classic rock but I loathed, with all of my heart and soul, the disco era which dominated the decade. I thought all of it sucked and the focus of my disdain was the zeitgeist of the era, the film Saturday Night Fever.

The Bee Gees handled the majority of the cuts on the soundtrack to the film. Pretty much every single human being I knew owned this album and played it constantly. The radio played many of the songs over and over again until my friends and I were sick to death of them. So, I got burned out on the Bee Gees really fast.

A couple of weeks ago, I flipped on Later with Jools Holland to check out some new music. This is what I saw.

I was stunned. Not only was the track completely awesome but I realized that the much younger me had probably been too harsh on the Bee Gees. After all, they certainly were representative of their place in music history. As a music ultra fan, I have to admit that they helped to define an era.

So, I highly recommend picking up Barry Gibb's new record, In The Now. The entire album is fantastic, especially if you are still a Bee Gees fan or even soul music devotee. Hearing his voice brings me back to that time in the late 70s when everyone just had to be dancing!

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