Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Soft Cavalry: Dive (Track of the Week from the Album of the Week)

Fareham's own Rachel Goswell is a United Kingdom treasure. She's been making fantastic music since the early '90s with her dream pop, shoegazing outfit Slowdive. Her latest project, The Soft Calvary, is with her husband Steve Clarke. Their self-titled debut is an extraordinary piece of work. It is immediately in contention for album of the year and is the perfect record to enjoy on a hot summer day or a cool summer night (especially with a loved one!)

From the opening track all the way through the eleven other songs, I was transported to a breezy and chill world of mental and emotional watercolors. The best music has always been the kind that sends the mind and heart on a journey. Goswell and Clarke deliver that massively on this record.

Here is the opening track. Dive in with "Dive."

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