Saturday, October 2, 2021

Saint Etienne: Finisterre (Autumn Music Series)

The best fall album of all time is Finisterre by Saint Etienne. Released on 30 September 2002, the cusp of autumn, this record defined not only that time in my life but fall music at its core. Granted, not all of the autumnal styles I've gone on about these past few years are present but the storytelling, home, hearth, family, and villages are all there. 

The first few seconds set the tone with spoken word narration that queries, "Have you ever been to a harvester before?"

And from there we are off on a mystical journey to a forever hamlet filled with vibrant characters and multi-colored histories. The entire country of England bursts into life and the things I remember on my travels to that amazing place cascade in a flood of memories. All of this is mixed up with the colours of fall and a romantic. roaring fire with an amour. 

Example, the title track...

This is exactly where you should start your Autumn Music Series this year. 

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